Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas in the Tropics

Xmas in the tropics
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I don't know how many of you out there have been away for Christmas before but this will be my third time away from the cold weather, family and Christmas traditions. The first time I was somewhere warm was in Texas due to an expired visa, I was unable to travel back home with Travis to celebrate the holidays. It was a warm and lonely Christmas but not too bad as I still celebrated the holidays with some good friends. The last Christmas, Travis and I celebrated our first Christmas in the tropics. It was new and a little bit exciting as we were able to spend the afternoon on the beach. Now not everyone can say they spent Christmas at the beach. We also had friends around to do the holiday gathering and Christmas eating. This is the second year that we will have spent Christmas in the tropics, and things are a bit different. This year two families on our team will be gone for the holidays and then the other families have visitors that are going to be here. So this year things are going to be a little different. Of course the biggest change is that this year we added a little girl to our family so that will be different thinking about what kind of traditions our family is going to do now that we have a child. It of course also makes things harder as well, as we really wish we could be home with family. The other night I closed the balcony door and turned off the lights to be able to watch our tree lights and feel toasty warm just to sort of remember what it is like to be at home where it is cold outside, toasty warm inside and see the lights twinkling on the tree and know that family is near by. It worked for about two seconds when I realized family is thousands of miles away, it's boiling hot outside, I'm only in shorts and a tank top and our Christmas tree is fake, not the real pine smelling tree. Christmas is different in the tropics but then I did realize that no matter where we are, who we are with, what the temperature is outside or what traditions we do, the same thing is always true, and that is the birth of our Saviour which is the reason why we can celebrate this holiday. Now when I reflect on that, it's not as lonely, not as hot and so much better then I am making the holidays out to be when I am celebrating Christmas in the tropics. For our Saviour was born to bring us a life of joy, happiness and love as we are now able to be in a relationship with our Father. So Merry CHRISTmas everyone and may your holidays be joyous and bright even if you happen to be far away from family, in the tropics, or just celebrating like normal.


Brian said...

Hey family,

Know that you were missed here too. Have a great new year. Wish we could come visit and see your beautiful daughter.

Carissa said...


I found your blog through Kelly Shearon's. It looks like you are having an amazing time in Brazil. It's a long way from Psychology classes at ACU!

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

I have a blog as well...

Talk to you soon!
Carissa Spatz

A said...

We love you guys. Thank you for choosing to serve our Master in the Tropics!!! Yes, I remember being away from family during the holidays when we lived in Mexico. To fill that void, we immersed ourselves in the traditions of the Mexicans...Now that we are back in Canada, I often think of those traditions.
Ceara IS so cute. I could also identify with the comments you get from the nationals. Carrying around the twins, I often got an earful of advice. I learned to smile and graciously say thank you for the advice...same socks, needs a blanket...wrap them tight
Hope your holidays were wonderful on the beach. I got a great Christmas card from a friend in Alabama with Santa in a green T playing in the sand on the beach!!! Brought good memories of the South. We've had a great holiday. Kresten and Ashley have had 3 weeks home from school. The weather has been perfect...skating and sledding everyday. Logan's getting good on skates. WE love you. Greetings to the team and all the LST readers. Aliia

Smale Family said...

Travis & Alicia,
Ceara is so beautiful. I love looking at the pics. I guess Tami & Ryan will have some posted on their blog in a couple months too!! Hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your mom and dad.

Anonymous said...
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John and Angie said...

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Pass it on,

John and Ang