Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of Jan. Update

We know we haven't been keeping up well with our blogging and people are wondering if we are well. So here is excerpts from a recent email that Travis sent a friend that should give a little idea of whats been up around here. More details to come.

We just had the in-laws leave. I said all week to my friends here that Mon was not going to be a good day and there would be a lot of tears at the airport when grandma was torn from baby, and Alicia from her mom. Ironically I ended up being the one who shed the most tears, not necessarily bec my in-laws are leaving, although they are great people, and amazing with my daughter. But I just had one of those deep moments, almost spiritual where you realize that after 2 years living here, I will not be the one going through those airport doors back to my home land. This is for all intents and purposes, and despite the challenges with the work, and teamwork, where I am called to live and be a disciple. Although I had mixed feelings about that; holding my daughter, and being close to my wife it was a kind of realization that we are on our own again, but that God was very much present in our lives and that we are where we need to be. I have to admit that I am looking forward to April when my mom comes, May when my dad and bro come, and Nov when we make our first furlough stop in Abilene with that amazing little band of Christians that we call the Mission church, Hawley, and then off to Canada. I wouldn't suggest to too many missionaries to plan on going over 2 1/2 years without their first furlough, but that is the way it has worked out for us bec our families are coming here first. What a blessing that is.

I am also wondering how your plans are going. I guess I need to read your blog. There has been no time for such delights in the last 3 weeks, as we joyfully became tour guides, being able to share our lives and ministry with the in-laws. It was great bec in all our travels I was able to make new acquaintances and renew some old ones. When you are a gringo translating for the in-laws, the locals have to ask how it is that you speak "such good Portuguese." Its a great open door. We also ended up being ministered to in more ways then we can imagine with their presence. Anyways, ttyl. Pray all is well.


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