Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ceara's Birth

Ceara's Birth
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Well, I know it has already past, but we have been quite busy the last 11 days. On October 26th we gave birth to our first daughter. We named her, Ceara Janal Sass. She weighed 7lbs 2oz, was 19.3 inches and was born at 8:16am. We are now proud parents of a beautiful little girl that has given us so much joy as well as some sleepless nights but that is to be expected. Haha. No really, our girl is very good, she sleeps most of the night and gets up about two times. She eats well and keeps us smiling. Early morning on the Thursday, I started having contractions, by 1am we were timing them and they came about every 3 minutes so we called the doctor and she told us to head to the hospital, it was about 3:30am before we got to the hospital and then I was checked by the doctor on call there to see how far along I was. I had dilated 2 cm. He called our doctor to let her know what was happening and then we had to wait for our insurance to be verified. It took about an hour to finally get put in a room so for that time I sat on a chair with contractions coming every minute apart. Not exactly fun. We also learned that our doctor had hurt her hand the day before and might not be able to make it to the birth because of her hand. She let us know of another doctor that might come to see how I was doing. Luckily at 6 our doctor showed up to see how I was doing and told us that I still was at a two even though my contractions were hard and coming every minute. She told me that we may have to do a cesarean because I had already been in labor for so long and hadn't progressed. She prayed with us over the birth and that we could have the baby naturally as I really didn't want to have a csection. She said that she would come check in an hour to see if there was any progression. By 7am I still had not dilated any further even though the doctor said my contractions should have been doing something as they were hard and coming fast. We had gotten an ultrasound the week before which revealed that the umbilical cord was wrapped once around our baby's neck and so our doctor concluded that the cord was not allowing the baby to decend into the canal and that I could possibly wait about 12 hours to see if the baby moved and then find out that we could not have her vaginally or we could go for the cesarean and allow our baby a better chance with less stress. We in the end opted for the csection even though I really did not want to have surgery. Less than an hour after making the decision, I was wisked away to be prepared for surgery and Travis waited in the wings till he was allowed to enter the operating room. Mikaela and Brian also had come along with us but at that point had no idea what was happening as the decision came quick and there was little time to inform them of the process. By 8:10 Travis was in the operating room with me and by 8:16 we had a beautiful crying baby girl. Travis was able to go with the baby as they checked her and got her cleaned up, I barely got to see her, maybe for a minute as they took the picture and then the baby and Travis were gone. I spent the next few minutes getting sewed up and then waited in a hallway for an hour waiting to be taken back to my room. It was so surreal thinking that I had just given birth to a baby yet it wasn't sinking in because I couldn't see her or Travis. I finally got back to my room where we were able to tell Mikaela and Brian that we had a little girl. They were able to go see her in the nursery while I had to wait in the room because I was still recovering from the surgery. It was after 12pm when I finall was able to see my little girl and hold her again for longer than a second. She was beautiful and I couldn't believe that we were so lucky to have been so blessed by God to have this child. What a beautiful little girl we have, praise God. Thank you for all your prayers and support for us in this new change in our life. I have to go as my little baby is crying and needing my attention again.


Jessica said...

Congratulations, guys. She's soooo beautiful! Somehow, I thought you would have a girl. (So far I'm 5/5 on guessing the genders of people's babies in the last 2 years).

Sorry you had to have the c-section...but I'm glad that Ceara is healthy. Hope that you're healing up well!!! Take care...we miss you and wish we were there to share in your happiness and hold Ceara!

Heather A said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys! I continue to pray for God's blessings for all three of you! Love you lots!

Joel said...

niiiiiice pictures guys!

I love the one of Travis and the cats especially. Makes me miss the good ol' days of the Jock-strapped Wonder.

John and Angie said...


I can't think of two people who will be better parents.

We miss you guys.

John and Ang

george said...

oii travis e alicia tdo bem com vcs?
a filhinha de vcs é lindaa
parabens de novo estou muito
feliz por vcs dois

Carolyn said...

Many many congrats! Ceara is beautiful - you guys look like a happy family. I know what it is like to have a baby in a foreign country and so far from family - but there are many good times ahead with grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.. They just come in short chunks of time rather than regularly. Enjoy holding that sweet little girl. I heard it a million times that "they grow up so fast" and it drove me nuts - and now I am tempted to say it too. Ahhhhh. Hope she is sleeping, eating and pooping well (isn't that a major life change when you realize you are counting and celebrating over a poopy diaper in those first few days! ha!) We've got number 3 on the way and I love those sweet baby days when they sleep so peacefully and smell so nice!

All the best to you,
Carolyn (Wiebe) Brednich

iris williams said...

What a beautiful child and beautiful story. Sorry for the delay, but this is the first time I've used a blog. I just want to pray over you guys and bless you with the peace of God, and the knowledge that He carries all your burdens (especially in the dead of night when you think you'll die if you cannot put 2 hours of sleep together!)

We love you guys, and miss you so much.

Travis and Alicia Sass said...

Jessica, thanks for your congrats, I guess you were right about the sex, we wouldn't change her for anything though. Wish that we could see you all sometime, but our lives across the world from each other keep us busy, love ya.
Heather, thanks for your prayers on our behalf, we really appreciate it a lot, especially for these first few weeks as we adjust being parents.
Joel, I thought the pic of Travis with the cats were great too, we got lots more pictures that we will send out. Miss you guys.
John and Ang, Wow! We finally joined the life of parents, thanks for your vote of confidence on our abilities as parents, we love being parents and wouldn't trade our little girl for anything else in the world even when she keeps us awake in the middle of the night.
Carolyn, Thanks for your prayers for us and our baby girl, we love our little girl, she is doing very well, we pray for your next pregnancy, maybe this time you also will be blessed with a girl, if not I'm sure another boy will be a great blessing too.
Iris, Wow we feel blessed to know that your wrote your first blog comment on our blog. Thank you for your prayers and support.
George, Obrigada por sua mensagem, voce pode vir a nossa casa algum dia para ver ela de novo ou vamos encontrar na igreja. Ate mais.

Thanks everyone for your love and support and prayers for our little girl Ceara.

Luk, Holly & Gideon said...

Congrats guys, we were checking your blog regularly when the time came waiting on pins and needles wondering if some birthing was going on. Your daughter is beautifull, and we praise God for the health of your bundle of joy and we praise God for parents like you two. So we were wondering, and didnt see you explain it anywhere. Is Ceara with a hard "C" or a soft "C"? Kara? or Sara? Just curious.

God bless you guys with this new chapter in your adventure together. What a team! PS we miss you.

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