Monday, October 16, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 39

First Pregnancy- Week 39
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One week left till our baby's due date and counting. Today is the first date that either someone on our team or in our family has guessed that this baby would arrive. Since it is already late afternoon and I have had absolutely no contractions, I am assuming that the baby is going to stay at least one more day inside. So sorry Keith, I think your guess of today will be wrong. Everyone is spaced out between now and Nov 1st so we will see who guessed right on our baby's birthdate. Yesterday, the church in Victoria held a baby shower in our honor. It will be the first baby shower that I haven't been too and it was for me, very strange but we are thankful that this church is supporting us and our work and we are very greatful for their generous hearts for us and our baby. So thank you Victoria! I hear we got lots of things for the baby, however, I will not find out for sure what those things are until my sister, Mikaela arrives here on the 21st. It is strange to imagine that this baby could come any time, however, I won't mind as it has seemed to be more uncomfortable in these last few days. I am guessing though that this baby probably won't arrive for at least another week, however, I could be surprised anytime with and earlier arrival. I may even go to pick up my sister at the airport and leave straight from there to go to the hospital. That would be pretty funny if that is what happens. Anyway, I am trying to finish some of the things that I have on my plate ahead of time as I know I will be preoccupied soon and won't get to them when I really need to. That is kind of hard to do as I tend to put off things until just before the actual event or so forth. So please be in prayer for me as I try to finish things early and as we wait for this baby to come. Please be in prayer that the birth will go well and that our baby arrives safe and healthy. One of our friends in Recife also found out they were preganant and due the day after us. They emailed to say that they had their baby girl on Oct 12th, they sent pictures and she is so adorable. We are excited to know her and hopefully we will be able to get together over time and share our babies lives together. It is exciting to see others we know at the same place in life as we are. So much we will be able to share together as we learn to adapt and take care of our babies. So congratulations Bio and Dayse on your baby girl, Evelyn Dara, she is a darling and we can't wait to meet her in person and let our babies play together. Thank you again for your support and prayers for us, please continue to keep us in your prayers as we wait for our baby.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your last bit of peace for a while.. On the plus side with the 10x busier you will be the 1000x more blessed you will feel!

Take care. Always praying for you!

Bev Jamieson (Saskatoon)

Craig & Leah in Korea said...

Hope that you aren't feeling too uncomfortable! thanks for caring my first nephew/neice for so long! And thanks for making my brother a father. you have been so great for him and i'm thankful you are in our family.
Praying that you get done all that you want to before the baby comes. hope to talk to you online soon!
Love you!

Carolyn said...

Hey guys! So excited to hear your baby's arrival is almost here. I check your blog and have enjoyed your updates (I also get frequent forwards from Bernard - he does well to keep all informed of missions!) We are expecting our 3rd in March and are excited about that. Life and work in Mexico is going well.

Just wanted to send my wishes for a safe and healthy delivery - look forward to seeing pictures of baby Sass.

Carolyn (Wiebe) Brednich

Jessica said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the baby!!! This is so exciting...hope you're getting everything ready!

Tami said...

ANY BABY YET??? You can't leave us hanging when your due date has come and gone!! :)

Jessica said...

ANY NEWS?? I'm with Tami, we're all dying to know what is happening! Are you overdue, or is there a new baby Sass and the Sass family is too tired to update??

Inquiring friends want to know!!!

Trevor Seibel said...

HI Guys,

Great news about the pregnancy. Wishing you all the best. We have moved to northern BC now (from Salmon Arm) it has been enjoyable so far.

God Bless!
Trevor Seibel

Joel said...

so where are the pictures already?

Crystal (Elford) Quilliams said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl. I saw her picture on Auntie Leah's blogsite. She looks so... precious. I still remember the experience with our first child. It is nothing that you can explain to others or prepare for yourself. Get as much rest as you can and don't be surprised if both of you are more emotional than ever, that's normal! I know I haven't posted anything on this site till now. I do look pretty much every day though.
I ask God to bless you as you serve him in Brazil and raise a new life up for him. Take Care, Your old Friend Sass, Crystal (Elford) Quilliams