Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 38

First Pregnancy- Week 38
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So here we are 13 days away from our baby's due date. It is hard for me to know whether or not this baby is going to make it's appearance early or late. Knowing that it is a SASS baby, it will most likely be late. Although I really hope it's not too long as this baby is putting pressure on all areas of my body. I am getting more tired as the days pass by and the baby grows even more. I think I am ready to have my body back, to be able to lay on my front or back again sounds a little like heaven. HAHA! Our team decided to do a baby poll to see who could guess this baby's stats. They are split even on whether they think it is a boy or a girl and the earliest they think this baby will arrive is Oct 16th and the latest Nov 1st. Honestly I hope it's not the latter and that our doctor would induce before then. We go back to the doctor's tomorrow for another weekly update and we will see how I am doing, dilation and effacement and all that lovely stuff. I won't be surprised if nothing has happened although it would be nice if something was happening as then it would feel more like there is an end in sight. I mean I have very much enjoyed being preganant, since I have been very blessed with an easy time, but there are days when I really would like not to have an achy back or get kicked in the ribs. I say that I want this baby to make it's appearance but at the same time don't want it to come too soon. The idea of taking care of a little someone at times is a little overwhelming but I know that I will love it when it happens. Is there really anyway to be really prepared to be a parent ? I don't think that there is anyway to really be completely ready, you just learn what you can and then the rest comes with practice. I'm sure that is what I will experience soon. Please continue to keep me, the baby and Travis in your prayers as the day is soon approaching.

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Craig & Leah in Korea said...

can't even wait!!!! can't even believe that you are due in less than 2 weeks!!! can't even believe that you are soon going to have the tiniest little baby to take care of!! can't even believe i won't get to hold him as a baby!!

Love you guys. you look SOOOO good Lic!