Saturday, September 09, 2006

Growing Things - A Glimpse of Love

Growing Flower Garden
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Alicia Krosgagaard left me a bunch of seeds that she had brought as an example for her LST students of the story of the sower and the seeds. That gave me the opportunity to use those leftover seeds to plant in the flower bed at the back of our apartment that had been sitting empty for quite a few months. This picture I took of the progress of my plants that I only planted about three weeks ago. It is amazing to see what watering everyday and a bit of sunshine will do for a seed in only a few short weeks. It is a reminder for me the process of growth in life. Not only do plants need time and care to grow, but I also am being used to help grow a little baby inside of me. It is amazing to reflect on that daily and to see my stomach move with each little stretch of the baby that grows within me. It is amazing to know how God uses a woman's body to house the growth of another human. To know that your body is just the right thing for a baby to grow up to be strong and healthy. As I continue to watch my plants grow little by little each day that I water them, I think about the little baby inside me and how my body is helping it to grow little by little each day, soon to appear in all it's glory just as these little plants will soon bloom. I wonder each day what flower is going to appear, what color it will be and how beautiful it will become just as I imagine my child. Will this baby be a boy or girl? What color will it's eyes be? What kind of hair it will have? How beautiful it will be? It is sometimes overwhelming to imagine all the things that this baby will do in my life, in Travis life, our families lives and in it's own life. It is amazing to look at this belly and already know that the baby that will soon appear to the outside world is beautiful and so full of God's perfect splendor just as these flowers will be beautiful and full of God's splendor. I just pray that I can still be used to water my child's life with God's love and wisdom just as I water these plants daily. I know these plants will bring me joy and a smile as they continue to grow and bloom just as I know my child will bring me joy and a smile as it grows to be used by God in His ways. I think I have just captured a glimpse of what God felt when He created us. As I water my plants and am a vessel to help my baby grow, I feel the joy as I think of the flowers that will appear and love as I think of the child that I will hold. I know God felt those things when He thought of us and created us, as He helps us to grow to be in His perfect image. Amazed is the only word I can think of to describe this feeling and thought I have at the whole process of growing things. God is a wonderful and amazing Creator and I praise Him for allowing me to be a part of His creation and to be able to water and plant these flowers and help my baby grow to be strong and healthy for Him. Growing things, God's amazing way of showing a glimpse of His love for His creation.

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