Wednesday, September 13, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 34

First Pregnancy- Week 34
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So I am now at 34 weeks. Can you believe it? Only six weeks left till our due date but as the books say, this baby can make it's appearance anyime soon. Let's hope though it remains hidden away for a few more weeks so that it can grow stronger and healthier. I am still doing well and so is the baby. However, going to the doctors the other day I discovered that I have some sort of infection or bacteria that the doctor wants me to get checked out. So please be praying that the bacteria and infection go away quickly or that the doctor can figure out what exactly it is so that it can be treated with medication. The doctor wasn't too concerned and says that it is not effecting the baby so she isn't too worried. I don't even feel like I have an infection so that is good but it is still a concern to know that there may be something wrong with my body. The other thing that was difficult with this last doctors visit is that we had a hard time finding the heartbeat. At first the doctor said it was normal and sometimes there is too much amniotic fluid above the baby to hear the heartbeat, but after ten minutes of moving the monitor around, we still had heard nothing. It was definitely strange because I had been feeling the baby move up to the last ten minutes before I went in to see the doctor. In the end, the doctor decided to check the battery of the machine and discovered that they were low as well somehow the wires that connected the sound were not connecting right. So all was really okay, she fixed the machine and then was able to find the heartbeat right away which was definitely a relief. At that moment too, the baby kicked the monitor so I knew it was doing fine, the heartbeat was just as strong as normal. And since then the baby has been moving enough to let me know it is still okay. Let's just say it was a hard visit to have after so many normal visits and this time I had gone alone without Travis so that made it even harder as I was dealing with this alone. That is not the entire story of my visit to the doctor but I won't go into the full details of the visit, just know that in the end things turned out just to be fine and this baby is still healthy. Just continue to be in prayer about this infection/bacteria, that everything will be okay and heal quickly. Other than that, things have been going normally. We continue to look forward to the new little life inside me and continue to find all the things we need to prepare for its arrival. And thanks to generous support from churches, friends and family back home, we have much of the stuff that we need to take care of our baby. Also last week Travis' side of the family was able to welcome a new addition to the extended family. As Travis' cousin, Trista had a baby boy named Theodore John Straver. He is so cute and is the first to have broken the trend of all girls since Josh was born 20 so years ago, so maybe we will add to the new trend of boys or start the trend of girls all over again. I guess we will see. It is funny to hear what peoples predictions are to what we are having, especially on Sundays at church. First one person will say we are having a girl then the next a few mintues later say it is a boy. So funny, everyone here always asks if we have found out yet what it is and we continue to tell them we want it to be a surprise. Lots of people don't understand why we don't want to know right away but here it is different because most people need to know so that they can plan what to buy with the little money they have. I figure if we were meant to know what this baby is, my belly would become transparent and we would be able to tell right away, but I think God wants us to dream of our baby and fall in love with it before we know exactly what it is. No matter if it is a boy or girl we will love it dearly and cherish every minute we have with it. So please continue to pray for this baby to grow strong and healthy and pray that Travis and I can be the best kind of parents that this child needs. Only six weeks left till we will all know for sure if it is a boy or girl, well that is as long as it makes its appearance before or on its due date, haha. Thanks again for all your prayers and support as we head into this new beginning for our lives.

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Craig & Leah in Korea said...

Hey Alicia! You look sooooo great! i think your belly looks a tiny bit bigger than 2 weeks ago - or maybe it's the angle of the camera! looked through the new pics on Flicker and i'm so glad you guys have gone out and done some tourist stuff. you guys deserve all the breaks you take!
Miss you guys lots and sure wish that we could be there in 6 weeks. but as Craig said, you guys were called to be in Brazil and listened - we're being called to the other side of the world!
We'll meet on skype soon to talk.
Love you!
Enjoy your day as the baby moves about inside you.
Get that camera working!!!! please?!