Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Pregnancy - Week 32

First Pregnancy - Week 32
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Well two more weeks have passed and as I had predicted about the stretch marks, belly line and belly button pop, I am greatful to say that my prediction that they would be here this week are incorrect. I still am able to proudly say, none of the above have yet occured. YEAH! I do however, still look quite large and know that I must have grown wider. We did go to the doctors the other day and got the regular check-up and all is looking great. Blood pressure is great as our doctor says and I still haven't gained anymore weight, which the doctor doesn't seem concerned as my belly has grown. The baby has been a little more active, in fact a few times it has felt like the baby is doing the spread eagle inside my belly as I feel pressure on all sides. Only eight weeks left till the due date and that is so hard to imagine. It only seems like yesterday that we found out we were pregnant and now it seems so close, less than two months. WOW! We also this past two weeks went for my tetanus shot, which I found out I have to get two more shots, that was hard, my arm hurt for three days afterwards but if it is good for me then I guess I will do it again. While we were out getting the tetanus shot we realized that we were close to the hospital where we will have the baby. So we decided to check out the hospital and see if they would give us a little tour of the place. When we got there we were told that we probably couldn't get a tour but after further explanations that we were foreigners and this was our first baby, they decided to let us check the hospital out. Our tour guide was a guy named Kleber who had done some schooling in the states and spoke some english. Not that we needed an english translation but every once in awhile his english came in handy as a clarification. First he showed us the delivery/surgery room, we stood out in a hall with a window to look in. He told us that my sister, Mikaela can watch from out in the hall and Travis can come inside with me. Well as soon as the baby is born, the doctor will lift the curtain for my visitors in the hall to see the baby. All of the equipment is good quality and the room looks just like a hospital room looks like back home. It was great to know that everything looks similar and that they do the same sorts of things here that they do back home. We also went to the nursery where they will put the baby to check out it's vitals for a few hours/mintues. When we were there it was sort of surprising that there were no babies that had been born that day or that were still in the nursery The good thing is that they really feel that the baby needs to be with the parents for as much time as possible so once the doctor has given the baby the okay signs, the baby goes to the parents and doesn't leave them unless the baby is not doing well. It was nice to hear that as I had a dream a while back where when I had the baby, the nurses were trying to sell my baby to someone else. It is good to hear though the precautions they take and that the baby will be with us as soon as the doctor says it is okay. We were also shown two types of rooms that we can ask for while we remain in the hospital. One large room or a small room with a visitor section so that we can have people wait there. I guess we will decide that when we actually need to be in the hospital. Overall, seeing the hospital was great as we now know what to expect and where it is and all the things that I had been a little worried about. Now that I have seen it, know what to expect, it has eased my mind on having a child in a foreign country. Now all that we have to think about is the whole labor, will the baby be a boy or girl and what are we going to call it. It is getting a lot closer and we are getting more excited about adding a new person to our lives. Thank you all for your prayers about this baby and the work that we do here. It makes life a lot easier dealing with when we think of all the people praying for this new change and for this new child that we will raise soon. Of course I will post another picture in two weeks and we will see how much I have grown, or I mean the baby and what other new things have happened during that time.


Jessica said...

Beautiful as always, Alicia! I'm soooo excited, and just can't wait to find out what you're naming your baby gi...I mean, your baby. :D

We love you guys!

Tami said...

beautiful is right. I enjoy reading your posts about pregnancy life!! I am excited to see lots of pictures of the baby!! which for the record I am sort of thinking boy.... hmm...