Monday, September 25, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 36

First Pregnancy- Week 36
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Here I am at 36 weeks, I don't think I can get any bigger then this, or I guess we will see. It is only 28 days away from our baby's due date and it seems so far away yet so close. Our family has recently done a baby poll with their guesses on the sex, weight, length, date and time of birth. Quite a few of them are saying that the due date will be even later, which I honesty hope they are wrong, especially those who think it will be more than a week later. I don't know that I would last that long, haha. And most of our family thinks we are having a girl, Travis of course wants us to prove them all wrong by having a boy to break the trend of girls within our families. We of course won't know for a few weeks yet, but either way we will be happy. On sunday one of the couples we have been working with came to service with their six week old baby. She was so cute and still so tiny. Travis and I of course got to hold her as everyone wanted to see us practice before ours comes. She is so adorable and it was fun to see Travis holding a baby as it has been quite a few years since either of us has held a baby. He is quite the natural Dad, so those who have been worried, don't, he is going to do a great job. It was sort of surreal holding that baby girl and thinking that soon from now we will be holding our own baby and it will be that small as well. Amazing! The blessing of that couple is that they had their baby at the same hospital where we will have our baby so we were able to ask them a bunch of questions about the hospital, staff and procedures. The man is studying to be a doctor so he had even more insights, but both were very pleased with the hospital which is very reassuring. She had a cesarian which most women here do in Brazil so that was different, but she was telling me she felt great right afterwards so it makes me feel better knowing that if I have to get one, then I should be fine. Hopefully, I will be able to do a natural birth though and not have to have the surgery. Well as we get closer to the birthday of our baby, we still continue to look at all the things we have to do between now and then to get ready. Make sure we have all the things we need, pack for the hospital, get people to cover for the things that we do while we are taking care of the baby in the beginning and so on. As well as fitting in the doctors appointments, getting ready for my sister to visit and preparing for the whole labor aspect. Are we ready yet? I hope so, but can you ever really be ready for such a life changing event, I don't think so. It's a good thing that God is there to be our guide and help us through those major life changes, I don't know what we would do if we didn't have His support as well as the support of our families. Keep posted on the next few weeks as this baby can arrive at any time. Thanks again for your prayers and support.


Diana said...

My prayers are with you, baby and Travis as the time approaches. These last few days can seem so long, but you sound like you have plenty to keep your mind occupied. We had to buy a refrigerator the day before our first child was born! You will be wonderful parents.

kelly said...

congratulations you two! alicia you are the cutests pregnant lady ever! hope everything goes well with the delivery!

best wishes!

Craig & Leah in Korea said...

Alicia, you look great! your belly is so huge craig asked if you are sure you're not having twins! i wish we were with you guys so i could be a part of this exciting time - my brother is going to be a dad! and you're right, he's a natural and will do an awesome job! looking forward to hearing and 'seeing' you guys in action as parents.
Miss you lots,