Saturday, September 30, 2006

Arara and Alicia

Arara and Alicia
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Here I am at the Parker's new house with their neighborhood pet. Yes, only in Brazil would you see a blue winged parrot, one of the rarest parrots in Brazil! This parrot named Arara lives on the same street that the Parker's live on. It comes every morning to sit on the corner (the parker's have a house on the corner of the street) of the street on the electrical wires or palm trees to greet all the people that work in the Condominum. She yells at all the people that walk by, saying her name over and over till they respond back. She must greet more than a hundred people every day. Then in the evening when everyone is leaving she tells all the workers goodbye. It is quite amusing to see her interact with everyone. Well one day while I was over at the Parker's house, Arara was sitting in the palm tree in their yard. We were eating lunch on their porch and Arara kept coming closer to see what we were doing. I just thought what would be the likelihood that this big bird would come and sit on my hand? Well, I thought I would see if she would come, literally thinking she would probably turn away. But as soon as I put my hand up for her to come, she came down the branch and jumped right onto my hand. Keith grabbed his camera and took this shot. Her claws are very sharp and she is pretty heavy but it was definitely worth having her sit on me just to be able to show this picture in the future when I no longer live in Brazil. Now, everytime I come to their house, Arara seems to be there waiting for me. She likes the attention I give her and the other day came to me again without hesitation. What a place we live in! Not everyday can you say you were this close to a wild tropical animal. Amazing!


Craig & Leah in Korea said...

you have a gift! a new calling in life - bird perch.
cool to see that pic of you. glad that you are still able to visit keith and stacey and the kids.

Joel said...

nice parrot. weird that we both posted about parrots around the same time.