Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lorena's Baptism

Lorena's Baptism - The Crowd
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The same night of the talent show for LST, we ended the night on a great note. A friend of our fellow sister, Danielle, had been studying the Bible with Mary decided to commit her life to Christ. Danielle brought her friend Lorena to our church to hear more about Christ and the first time she spent a sunday with us she asked us to study with her. She is a lawyer studying to be a judge. Lorena from the begginning seemed so eager to hear God's word and Mary was so excited about her studies with Lorena. After only a few months of study, Lorena knew that she wanted to commit her life to Christ and our team as well as the LST team were able to watch her as she did just that on Wednesday night. Praise God for the work he is doing here in Salvador and for the work He is doing in the lives of our fellow Christian's who have shared their faith with their friends. Thanks Danielle for sharing your life with Lorena and being a great Christian example to her for Christ. Praise to God as he has added another member into our Christian family.

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