Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Pregnancy - Week 30

First Pregnancy - Week 30
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Well friends and family, here I am! Only ten weeks left before this baby's due date. Well according to the books this baby can start making it's presence in the next six to ten weeks. I hope for the health of the baby, it won't make it's apperance until it's due date,or a few days before or only a few days after. However, this baby has definitely made it's appearance in my belly, it's huge. Actually, people keep telling me I am small for how far along I am. I definitely don't mind not being bigger. It's pretty amazing though to look at pictures of me before and now, I look so different. We are making the final preparations for the arrival of the baby. We have bought shelving to hold the baby's clothes and other items and will be heading to see the hospital this next week. We are getting more excited as time comes closer and at the same time realize that things are definitely going to change. So I am curious what everyone's guess will be for the due date, weight, length of the baby and the sex. I already had a dream that I had the baby on October 25th so we will see if that really happens. The one good thing is that we have narrowed down the girls names to two, now it is just picking between them at the one we like the best. Keep posted so you can see me even grow larger at 32 weeks and beyond, haha.


Go 2 The John said...

October 32. That's my pick.

Mark it down! I don't want any controversy when I win this thing.

Looking great Alicia. But how's Trav. Perhaps you could take a picture of him in the same pose and post it.

Just a suggestion. No biggie if you can't.


Craig & Leah in Korea said...

you've narrowed girls names down to 2! Don't bother narrow-ing any further - cause you're gonna have a boy! I have to think seriously about the rest, but HE will be here in a few short weeks!!

Luk, Holly & Gideon said...

Alicia - you look beautiful!! I have no clue as to boy or girl, but am praying for a healthy little one to be a close friend of our little Gideon! We love following the progress of your mission and your pregnancy - keep up the great posting!! :) Can't wait to see pics of the little one soon - oh, and October 18th is a great day (Gideon will be a year old then!)!
Love, hugs and slobbery kisses from Gideon!
In Him--Holly

Joshua said...

October 26th or 30th (my dad and mom's birthdays, in that order)

That would be cool. Our house church in Abilene keeps you in our prayers.

By the way, I like John's idea of taking a picture of Travis in the same position!


Jessica said...

I think it's a girl. All of the pink t-shirts you've been wearing for these photos are a dead giveaway. (= Actually, I've just been on a roll lately guessing that babies are going to be girls...and being right about it!(=

I can't wait to hear more...thanks for posting your pictures. You are such a beautiful lady....and especially so when pregnant!!!

Joel said...

hey, are you sharing the name possibilities? did I miss it a couple posts back or something?

I'll have my bet for the day in soon, but since we're in Taiwan I need to pick an auspicious day, so it will take me a bit to come up with some really good criteria for auspiciousness.