Saturday, August 05, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 28

First Pregnancy- Week 28
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Another two weeks closer to the baby's birth. Here I am at 28 weeks, only still having gained less than 7 pounds altogether but the doctor seems to be happy with the health of the baby and myself. In fact, the pants I am wearing there are still pants that I wore before I got pregnant. Pretty good huh? I guess the only thing about that is hmmm... what I must have looked like before I got pregnant! It makes me feel good though about the possibility to lose the weight afterwards. I haven't yet popped my belly button or gotten stretch marks (at least not new ones that I didn't have before) or gotten that line that shows up on the belly. Well, now that I say all that I will probably write in another two weeks that I got them all, haha. The baby is moving a lot more lately and it is funny just to see my belly move back and forth all on its own. Quite a few times that Travis has seen it, he is amazed at the power the baby has to move that much. It is fun to see his face each time he sees it move. This morning he was saying that this baby is so close to making it's appearance. Yup, it's very close now and we can't even believe how close it is to coming. I guess these last few weeks have gone much faster to as we have been busy with the team that is here doing Let's Start Talking. They keep telling me that they have really noticed the difference between what my belly looked like 5 weeks ago and now. I finally made it back to the doctor with the results from my ultrasound that I did about 6 weeks back and she told me that the baby was going to be an athlete, and athlete for Christ because we were able to hear the heart beat and it was very strong. She was excited to see me again but has had no worries about me as she says I am very healthy. In fact I don't have to go back to the doctors until the 23rd of this month. The only thing that I have to do between now and then is go get a tetenus shot, yucky. And of course sometime soon, Travis and I need to go find out where the hospital is to visit it and check out what kind of facilities there are and what things we will need to bring with us to the hospital when it is time. My sister has also finally comfirmed her flight to come down her. She will arrive early morning on the 21st, so hopefully the baby will come shortly after that. I am glad that someone from my family is going to be here to help us around the house and get used to the newness of having a baby. Yeah, glad your coming Mikaela!!!!!!! Well that is all I got for this weeks blog, I'm sure that in the next two weeks we will have lots more to talk about as we make it to 30 weeks! AGH!!!!!!! It's coming soon!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys!! I hope all is well. Alicia you look so cute:)

Angela Aktinson

Smale Family said...

You look great! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. It is so exciting for you all.