Friday, June 23, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 22

First Pregnancy- Week 22
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Another picture update. Here I am at 22 weeks, almost 23. I am getting bigger, at least my belly does seem a little more round. I am going to get another ultrasound in the next few days, this time to look at the organs and make sure that things are developing properly for the baby. It is pretty nice being able to have an ultrasound practically every month, just to see the progress and to see the baby. I have been feeling the baby more often, there are certain times during the day where it is more active. Whenever Travis practices his guitar and when there are loud noises, like at the World Cup soccer games, the baby seems to be more active. Hopefully, it is active because it is excited and not scared. It is weird to know how close we are getting to the day, soon we will be bringing home a baby for good. AHHH.... YEAH.... OOHHH... YIPPY.... many different emotions that come with each passing week. Travis and I are going to head out of town for our anniversary and spend some time just the two of us. It will be our last time alone most likely before the baby comes so we want to enjoy just being to two of us. Besided the fact we will be celebrating our fifth year of marriage. Amazing. Looking forward to the next five, this time with a baby in tow. But still going to cherish the time we have had to get to know each other, just the two of us. Anyway, look for another pregnancy update in another two weeks.


Jessica said...

No worries about feeling the baby move around during the world cup games. I'm sure he/she is just rooting for Brazil, that's all!

You look great! Glad to hear all is well!

SM said...

wooo! have fun. We miss you guys.

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