Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Game Brazil Against Australia

This past Sunday we hosted a World Cup soccer game, Brazil against Australia. After services on Sunday we invited our frequent visitors, friends and neighbors to share in a meal and then stay behind to watch the game on our large screen. We had about 30 people that stayed afterwards to watch Brazil beat Australia 2-0. Soccer in Brazil is an amazing thing to watch, it brings together all social classes to one unifying process of watching their country fight for a win. Everything shuts down for the two hours so that everyone can watch the game. This even includes buses or other sorts of transportation, all stores and every business. It is pretty hard to not get excited about the game when everyone wears a jersey, blows horns and set off fireworks. Here is a bit of the atmosphere for those of you back home that may never experience this kind of excitement. Here we caught the Brazilians celebrating the first goal of the game and then the sweet shot that got them closer to the win. If you haven't watched a world cup game, here is your chance. They are playing today against Japan and then again on the 27th. Take a peek to keep updated on their progress.

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