Sunday, April 30, 2006

Week 14

First Pregnancy- Week 14
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Well here is another picture of me two weeks later, can you believe we have already past week fourteen? Well not much has changed in my appearance, except people might start to think I'm getting a little fatter, not more pregnant. I gained a whole inch on my belly this last week and I'm sure this is just the beggining of growing! Now I am sure every two weeks there will be more of a notable difference. Travis can definately tell there is a body growing inside me. While Travis continues to slim down from exercise, I go the opposite direction. Not always fun to know I'm getting bigger. Our next doctors appointment is on May 8th so we hope to maybe get another ultrasound so that we can see the fully formed baby on the monitor and take a sneak peek at the sex of the baby. Just kidding, for those of you dying to know what we are having, sorry we are going for the surprise in October. So you get to enjoy being surprised right along with us. I continue to be blessed without sickness, well I am getting a head cold but without the nausea or anything else. I also am beginning to get the hang of sleeping with a number of pillows, much to Travis' joy of a full bed, heehee. We also have started the hunt for baby things. This week the Parker's headed home for their furlough and will bring us back some of the essentials in June, it is beginning to feel more real the longer time passes. We will continue to keep you updated on this fun and special time in our lives. Hope you all are doing well and send us a line sometime, we would love to hear from you.


Jessica said...

I can totally tell! (= Actually, judging from the photo, you look like you've gotten in great shape since going to Brazil!

Really though, that little roundness looks like baby to me...not chubbiness.(=

Monica Taylor said...

I'm glad you've been feeling well, Alicia. There are sure a lot of babies coming this fall! I just past 18 weeks, Jenn Wallace due the beginning of Nov, and my sister Melissa in January! A Friend's Speak reader is due 2 weeks after I am, as well! Very exciting.

Tami said...

i can tell too! how exciting! :)

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