Saturday, May 13, 2006

Baby Sass 3D Video

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Well, things are going well with our pregnancy. We were able to have another ultrasound on Thursday and got to bring home more pictures and video. It was amazing to see a baby this time with arms and legs, hands, fingers and more. Not like last time we saw more of a tadpole looking baby. It is amazing how much our child has grown in 8 weeks since the last ultrasound. I was fun to watch our baby hide from the prods of the doctor and the baby would always put it's arm infront of it's face. I guess it is a little shy or doesn't want us to see what it looks like just yet. We decided not to find out the sex of our baby as we would like to be surprised and couldn't see any details during the ultrasound either way. The doctor was careful not to look down there at all and told us our baby looked perfect. Of course it's perfect, haha. Now it makes this seem more real eaach day as we get closer to October and closer to being able to feel the baby kick. In this video you can really see how our baby tried to hide behind it's arm. It is amazing what technology can do so that we could see our baby so clearly.

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