Thursday, April 20, 2006

What rumors you heard were true!

First Ultra Sound-Baby Sass From the Top
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So the rumors may have been flying about us being pregnant, well to calm all those who are wondering, yes the rumors are true. Travis and I are having a baby. Since this is the first blog about our baby, I will fill you all in about our special news. On March 1st we took a pregnancy test because we suspected that I may have been pregnant and when looking at the test it confirmed our suspicions. We were infact pregnant. It was weird looking at this test and thinking that there is a little baby growing inside my stomach, amazing what emotions you have when finding out. The first task after finding out was to make a doctors appointment which for one I or Travis had never done. So one day on a walk and running errands, I decided to get an appointment at a nearby doctors office. The first thing was to find the office, which took a little searching then to actually enter the building, mumble with my poor portuguese and figure out what to do next. As I stood facing the office door, I chickened out. I couldn't go in there try to explain that I was pregnant, needed a doctor and an appointment all alone using my basic portuguese and not be able to understand what they said in return! But in the end, my fears lost out and I walked in the office and walked out with an appointment for the Monday. That Monday Travis and I met our doctor who is a skinny very dark Brazilian and a wonderful woman. She was understanding of our situtation and our not so perfect Portuguese and congratulated us on our baby who is due October 23rd. The doctor gave us papers to get blood work done as well as to have an ultrasound. After finishing the blood work we went to our next appointment for our ultrasound. This doctor was a great guy too. The fun thing is that he got to talking with us and we discovered that he had done a few years of his training in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He knew some english much to my relief, so he was able to explain to us easier where the baby was, how big it was and how fast it's heart was beating. I was doing great until we heard the baby's heart beat at only 8 weeks old. It was beating 182bmp and I started to cry, it was a real baby living inside of me, not just a tiny blob on the computer screen. It was so amazing to hear our baby's heartbeat. So after our ultrasound we went back to our other doctor to show her all the test results and now our next appointment isn't until May 8th. During this time I have been very lucky to not have had any morning sickness except for one weekend just recently. I haven't gained any extra weight yet or any inches, so at times it doesn't feel like I am pregnant. But I am reminded that I am everytime I go walking or try to do something that I don't have the energy to do anymore. We are heading into the second trimester and I know soon I will be showing a belly and will have more things to share with friends and family. To tell our family we told them on my birthday as we chatted over msn/skype. We were able to send them this picture and watch their faces as they realized it was our baby. It was so much fun watching each of their reactions and to see them get so excited. We told our team the next day through an email that asked our team to be thinking about accepting a new team member in Ocotber. Then of course that day we got calls from them all saying it would be great to have another team member. It was fun finally being able to share our excitement with everyone else we love. And now we are sharing it with you all and hope to keep you all updated on the progress of this new chapter in our lives. So please being praying about our baby and it's health as we wait for it's arrival in October.


Jessica said...

YEAH!!!!! I"m sooo excited. You'll have to blog much more often, as I'm curious about the whole pregnancy experience.

Not curious enough to experience it myself yet, though!!!

Are you guys going to find out whether it's a boy or girl, or just be surprised?


Joel said...

wooohoo! that's awesome guys. Thanks for sharing Alicia.

I know what it's like to try and get stuff done in half-baked Chinese, but never something like arranging doctor's appointments for a first pregnancy! You guys rock, in more ways than one!

Tim and/or Wyatt said...

Congrats Travis & Alicia - we're happy for you. Also nice to see your blog and get some updates on that. I laughed at your post about your Dad's visit Travis and his "hippie roots"...
Take Care,
TIM, Tara, & Elijah

Luk, Holly & Gideon said...

We are so pumpedf for you guys. Pregnancy is a crazy time, and so worth is. Our Gideon is 6 months old now and we fall in love with him even more every day.
Keep us updated on how things go. We love seeing those pictures. Holly and I were just talking about how you guys are going to be such great parents. We miss you guys and think of you often. Take care.