Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bible Studies

Building Work Day 2
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Travis’ very first Portuguese teacher has been a wonderful friend and a help to our whole team in so many ways as we learn to live here and speak Portuguese. She has also proved to be a incredible fountain for contacts for us to study the Bible with. Jaci has invited her whole family, which is very big, to start studying the Bible with us. She has said that our group is different from other religious people she has known and that we have real answers to life’s questions. Because of this on a weekly basis we have fifteen people who are coming to our eight week Bible study. And this is just the beginning because people keep bringing their friends. We usually meet Wednesday nights at six and we go to a house in which five families live on the property. Whenever you go to someones house, you greet everyone and just chat minimum for half and hour just to see how everyone I doing. After the informal time we all go to the roof of their house which has a roof of it’s own called a cobertura and we split off between guys and girls and study the same lesson. I usually lead the lesson and Russ and Randy have been there to help add to the conversation. They ask great questions and are really searching to what it would mean to become a christian. Now they are bringing so many friends that we are thinking of other groups, because we have done half the lessons and some are missing out on the beginning parts of the lessons. Teaching the Bible to people is truly the funest, most challenging and most rewarding thing that I get to do here in Salvador. Pray that we find many, many more families that are open to studying what God can do for their lives.

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