Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Building Work Day

Building Work Day 1
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February 19th, our team invited people from the different Churches of Christ in the city to help us with preparing our building for our upcoming Inaugural service in April. We had much work to do in our building so that we will be ready in a few short weeks to offer our first public worship service to the community. We were not sure how many people would show or if anyone would come at all. We were delighted to discover about 40 people in all came to help us out. Even our Portuguese teacher, Jaci showed up to help along with many from her family, which we are studying the Bible with. It will be neat one day when those in our Bible study choose to give their lives for God, come to be a part of our church and helped in the beginning to make the building workable for Sundays. It will be neat to say that they were helping to start their own church. We had lots for everyone to do, mostly the women swept, mopped, and scrubbed the rooms and kitchen, while the men mostly painted the auditorium. We were lucky to have Alemao, an electrician in the larger Church of Christ in the city come and help us put up rotating fans in the auditorium so that we didn’t die from the heat. At about lunchtime we all took a break as our team had prepared a meal of Brazilian Stroganoff. It was a success and the food went fast after all the hard work. It was good to get some things done at our building as soon it will hopefully be holding many people April 2nd. We were lucky that everyone came to help us as it has made the plans for fixing up the building go much faster.

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