Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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Testing to see if this video works on our blog. If this works look for more videos in the future. I sure hope it does because it would be fun to send videos through our blog.


Anonymous said...

Alica, Travis: Your video came through loud and clear. Good to see and hear your voice. Congrats on the successes, yours and the team. We love and miss all of you. Dewey and Margaret Parker (Yes, Keith's)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Alicia and Travis,
Everything works and sounds good, I didn't realize how much I miss you until I saw that video. Take care!Love, Tanaya

Joel said...

you guys rooooock!!!

and the video worked great... how'd you do that?

Jessica said...

That was awesome!

You'll have to share more videos as the pregnancy progresses, so we can see! I'm so excited...thanks for sharing it with us!


Anonymous said...

Great, sure beats typing; nice to see your face. Add more.
Ciao, Len