Friday, September 26, 2008

Travis' 35th Bday BBQ

Travis turned 35 this year and it was only 13 days old when he had his birthday and so we hadn't really planned a party or anything big for his birthday. However around 2 pm that day our friend, Leandro called to see if Travis was going to have a bbq for his birthday, he said sure and they started planning for a get together that night. I assumed it would be at our place as Brazilians don't think babies should be out but to have people come we decided to go to our small group area and have the birthday party there. Our small group came and we had great meat and then a cake afterwards. It was the first bbq for Calen and pretty much his first time out of the house basically. He did pretty good but let us know when he had enough of the noise and the smell from the cooking. Travis had a great time and enjoyed still being able to celebrate with friends.

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