Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bahian Baby

Sass Family Visit 67
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Well it is official, Ceara has become a Bahian Baby, she got her first bikini. So now she is like all Bahian girls and can go to the beach in her bikini. Besides the bikini, Ceara has other new things going on in her life. She has become mobile, so it's true at five and a half month, Ceara learned to crawl. And now she doesn't stop, what a smart girl. Along with the crawling she has pulled herself up on the furniture and even the occasional wall. She can transfer from the couch to the coffee table and even has attempted to stand without holding on a few times. Fortunately, she hasn't yet learned to master this as we know that once she gets that far she will be close to taking her first steps and eventually walking. Along with all that she turned six months old and she now has her first tooth. It's amazing how fast she grows and how quickly she learns.

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