Saturday, February 03, 2007

Handing out Cestas Basicas

Handing out Cestas 2
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This Christmas, Travis and I were able to play Santa this year to a few families by passing out Cestas Basicas (Food Hampers). Due to the generosity of some Church members in Canada we had enough money to buy basic food hampers for about 13 families in need. It was fun driving around taking these hampers to the families. Many of the families we have been in contact with for awhile now and wanted to use this as another opportunity to reach out to them again. Everyone had smiles on their faces when they realized that their Christmas was going to be a great one this year and that they would have something good to eat on the day. This woman had four children and her husband that all lived in one room, a room smaller than our bedroom. It had a stove, couch and one bed all squished in and this is how the family lives everyday. It was hard to see a baby just a few months older than Ceara just sitting on the bed looking under nurished and knowing that he has a hard life to live. It makes us appreciate more the things we have, the food we can buy and the space we can live in. It also makes us appreciate more the people that allow us to be here so that we can serve families like these through your generosity. Thank you to the families that contributed to help buy cestas basicas for these families and be in prayer for the families that we played Santa too, that they may come to know our Lord and the whole reason why we celebrate Christmas.

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