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One Month- November 26th

One Month 4
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Well it is hard to believe that Ceara is already one month old, well as I write this she will be exactly six weeks tomorrow. Crazy how the time has already flown by. She is such a joy for us that at times it is hard to think back to when she wasn't with us. Even when she has her fussy times, we still enjoy her and want the best for her. Hard to believe that this little girl is ours and that she is already one month, I am sure that the older she gets, the more amazed we will be with the changes in her and how life has changed so much for the better.
As Ceara has turned one month she is now officially allowed to leave the house for brief periods of time, according to many Brazilians. I am about to tell you all of the comments and Brazilian thoughts that we have learned about since having Ceara. A lot of things are funny, many are old wives tales passed down generations and something get frustrating at times. The first thing of course is that we began taking Ceara out of the house only a few days after she was born and according to some Brazilians that is a big no no. Babies are not supposed to leave the house for the first month, then they are able to leave for brief periods of time until they are three months old. Sorry to all the Brazilians but we have been breaking that rule for a month now, haha. For awhile we would say that she was already a month because so many people would literally get mad at us for taking her out, I mean these people are complete strangers that would come up and say this to us, that we should take her home right away.
Another thing that occurs daily is that everytime someone sees Ceara they either say "Oh Meu Deus" or "Jesus", which means "Oh my God" or "Jesus." They just fall in love with her, I wish I knew how to explain exactly how they say it because it is quite funny. Also at times they say "Oh, mamae" which means "Oh Mother" as to remind me of how I have a child that is just so adorable.
The next thing that they believe is that any time she is crying she must be hungry so they are quite insistant that I go and feed her that instant. It is funny that they don't think that maybe she has gas, or she's tired or has a dirty diaper.
And then there is the belief that she must be so cold. I mean we live in 30 degree weather every day so we mostly dress Ceara in onsies or some short sleeved something, with no shoes or mitts. However, anytime we go out anywhere that might have a bit of airconditioning or none at all, every person that sees she is not got shoes on or mitts think that she is just freezing. Strangers come up to us and tell us she is cold and needs a blanket or something to cover her up. Yet we are the ones that can feel her feet and head and know that she too is sweating like her parents, but hey what do we really know anyway? Haha. It has come to the point that if I know we are going somewhere with airconditioning we put a blanket around her or put little booties on her feet. We do this at church as we now got airconditioners and it eases the minds of our Brazilian friends.
We also have started carrying Ceara in a baby carrier that has a back support built in for her. This is a big no no as well according to some Brazilians. They think that this will hurt their backs or make them walk funny in the future or give them back problems as young children or adults. I just want to say sometimes that back home it is very common to have this, I mean how can you get things done if you have to hold your child in your arms all the time. I just want to say how can you carry your groceries home or open a door without help or anything that you need more than one hand. They all carry their babies in their arms, I just want to remind them of how babies were in the womb and how flexible and strong they really are, not weak little things. Anyway these are just a few of the things we have learned about since having Ceara and I am sure there will be more things that we will learn or hear about the older she gets. One month old, hard to believe.

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