Thursday, July 06, 2006

Week 24

First Pregnancy- Week 24
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Can you tell I am pregnant now? You better be able to. That's not just fat hanging around in front, nope it's all baby. Tomorrow we go for another ultrasound to see the baby's organs, sorry we aren't going to look for the specific organs that I know some of you would like. Sorry, it's gonna be a surprise whether it is a boy or girl. The baby has become more active these last few weeks. I definitely don't have to guess whether or not there is something there. In fact, Travis felt it for the first time the other day and on our anniversary we actually saw the baby kick hard enough to see it on the outside. We think the baby was just making sure we know what is coming during our fifth year of marriage. It is funny sometimes when Travis comes to feel the baby move, that more often the baby stops moving completely. I think it knows and is playing tricks on Dad. Poor Dad! I'm sure though that it will be more fun for Travis when the baby is on the outside and can interact more with it. It is weird to think we are closer to the baby being born than we are to just being pregnant. In fact on the calender it says we have less than 110 days, ahh. Well you know that really means till the due date and then whenever the baby decides to show itself. We all well stocked with diapers and baby clothes and we know more is on it's way through family and friends, so we feel prepared in that way. I still think we sometimes have our days where we think to ourselves, Is this worth it? Will we be good parents? What will we have to sacrifice, can we do that? But in the end we see many families around here and the joy they get from having children that those thoughts disappear eventually and are replaced with joy and awe in the miracle that God is creating through us. We can't wait baby to see your face, touch your skin and hug you like there is no tomorrow. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, for my health, the baby's and for our peace of mind as we prepare for this new journey in life. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and little gifts that you have sent for our baby. We appreciate you!


Janet said...

You just took me back to all the thoughts I had while I was waiting for Kellen. I remember thinking "why do I want to have a baby?" Now I think its so I could better understand God's love and love others better. The love I feel for Kellen is so overwheming it can make me cry and has changed the way I look at the world and other people. So excited for you and Travis!

Tami said...

totally can tell your pregnant now! you're so cute... :)

Joshua said...

And all this time I thought you were carrying around a self-enlarged pillow under your shirt!