Sunday, July 23, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 26

First Pregnancy- Week 26
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This picture is of me at 26 weeks, however, as of today I am 27 weeks, which marks the beginning of the third trimester. I think this is the first picture where you can really see the roundness of my belly. There is a baby growing in there now. In fact at this moment I feel like this baby is sitting directly on my bladder, bathroom here I come. Haha, well that is what it feels like most of the time. Now that I am in my seventh month time seems to be going fast. In about three months we will have a baby in our home, scary but exciting at the same time. It is amazing how a baby can grow so quickly in your belly and then be born and be so big yet so small. To mark the third trimester, Travis bought me three roses. It was so sweet of him, he remembered and I had almost forgotten. He gets more excited as time goes by and it is fun to plan and imagine life once the baby comes. In fact, we have finally narrowed down the girls name list to twelve which is better then our 24 that we had before. It is so hard to choose names for girls and make sure that with our last name that nothing sounds bad with it. We have already chosen our boys name but with the girls name it has been much harder. What do you look for in names? How do you choose a name that they will have for the rest of their lives? Lots to think about. Anyway, we will decide soon I am sure. Monday I plan on going back to the doctor to have our ultrasound results looked at and to of course ask more questions about having a baby in another country. That is sometimes scary thinking about having a baby in another country, with another language and not doing lamaze classes or birthing classes of any kind. But then again I remember how many people in this world have babies every day with little or no help. I am lucky to be in a place where I will have doctors and nurses to help me out. We can't wait to hold our baby in our arms finally. I am also excited that my younger sister gets to come for the baby's birth. She will arrive here on the 20th with her friend, Brian and they will be here till the 13th of November. Our baby's due date is October, 23rd so hopefully the baby comes on time so that my sister can be here for the majority of her time with the baby around. Yeah. Can't wait till you come Mikaela.

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Tami said...

alicia!! you look so cute pregnant woman! i'm glad that mikaela and brian will be around to help with the baby. How exciting!!