Thursday, March 19, 2009

Six Months and Ready to Walk

Standing 2
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Well our boy is six months old. It is hard to believe that six months have gone by so quickly and how much our boy has grown. Calen has surprised us a lot these past few months with how quickly he is developing. In December he learned to sit alone and by January he was crawling. Then just before he turned 6 months old he discovered how to pull up on furniture, this is one of the first times he pulled up, he even knows how to crawl up that step on his own. Now he is walking along the furniture and walks with help. In fact last night he took two steps alone with Leandro's and Travis' help. We imagine that it won't be too long from now when he decides to walk alone. Just as fast, maybe even faster then Ceara when she was his age. God has blessed us so much with this little boy and we look forward to the next six months with him.

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