Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heather Arrives

Many of you may remember Heather Alkire who was one of our interns last summer, well she asked to return back to Brazil this summer to stay for two years. Here she is meeting Jackson and Samuel for the first time. Heather's main job here will be working with the children of the church. This will be a great help for me as I used to have help with the children until Stacey left. Now with another kid on the way I know that my time to do things will dwindle once again. We are excited to work together and start fresh in our new building and to think bigger than I was able to alone. Heather is living with Matt and Mary while she is here. She will also do many other things while she is here like do follow-up LST, join a small group, work with many of our single women and the teens. We look forward to the extra help around here. Please pray for Heather and the work that she will be doing these next two years.

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