Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ceara Goes Potty

We have started the process of training Ceara to go potty. As we look towards having another child in diapers and the cost of diapers here in Brazil we decided that it was time to start training Ceara to use the potty. We decided to make a little chart for Ceara to make it more fun for her. Every time she goes to the potty we give Ceara a sticker to put on the chart, after five stickers then she gets some m&m's and when she finishes the whole chart we will get her a big toy or take her out somewhere special. Of course Ceara is only 19 months so the process is slow. She knows when she has to go but it's the telling us that is taking longer. Some days she does it right and then other days she doesn't care about being in her diaper wet or dirty all day. I doubt she will be potty trained by the time the new kid arrives but we may be closer to getting there.

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