Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Car

Another thing that happened to us in the first week of arriving back to Brazil is that we bought a car. Many generous people back home donated money so that we could have wheels in Brazil. Let’s just say with all the things we have had to do with moving, it has been a great blessing to have a car to get everywhere we need to in record time. The car has also been a blessing in our work, there have been numerous times already where we have been able to pick up or take home members of our church family. It’s always a little easier for some of our families to be able to save a bit of money on bus fares as well as gives us more time to be in conversations with them about their lives and God. So thank you to all who have given to us so that can have a car here. Also a special thanks to Russ and Val waited and who helped us drive around trying to find just the right car for us.

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