Sunday, July 01, 2007

LST - Auburn Style

LST -Two Week Team 9
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This year we as a group we decided to have a group from Mary Virginia's college come down to teach the Let's Start Talking material that we had done the year before. This time, however, we began the english program by having a two week team come down to prepare the way for the six week team. This is Kathryn, Randi, Beth, Emily, Katy and Elizabeth the six girls who paved the way for our six week team. They visited every language school, university, and store or person that we knew spoke some English. It was great having them here to pave the way, get people interested and share their love of God while they were here. Thanks two week team for all your work here to prepare the way. Also Kathryn and Beth remained for a few more weeks to teach the Let's Start Talking materials and meet some of the people that they had contact with.

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