Thursday, May 25, 2006

First Pregnancy- Week 18

First Pregnancy- Week 18
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Not the most flattering picture of me this week. Feeling a little under the weather with another head cold. Almost over it though so that is good. Thought I would update with another picture of me at 18 weeks. For me it's hard to tell much of a difference between the last picture and this one but I can tell when I feel my belly that it is indeed bigger, not by much. What do you think? Things are still looking good with the baby and we go back to the doctor on the 8th of June. Looking forward to feeling the baby move regularly. I think I have felt it on occasion but not enough to know that is what it is I am feeling. Anyway the hope is that in the next week or two I will feel it more. Yeah!


Craig & Leah in Korea said...

I wanna feel the baby move!! yes, this is the Aunt-to-Be whining about not being in the same country as you guys as you go through your pregnancy. You DEFINITELY look bigger!! a really good way! Thanks for sending pictures - it makes me feel like we're a part of it.
Glad to hear you're feeling better. Keep taking care of yourself and Baby Sass!

Jessica said...

I'd say you look a little bigger...but its hard to compare when it's not the same shirt from week to week!(=

Hope that you're feeling better. I've heard that its even less fun to be sick when you're pregnant.

Love ya,

kelly said...

hey travis and alicia -

congratulations!! houston and i are so very excited for you both!!

we hope you're well!