Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Family Addition

Chilli and Pimenta
Originally uploaded by Brazil Bean Brewed.

Travis and I finally have added to our family. We are now proud owners of two kittens as of October 27th. I have been bugging Travis since moving to Brazil that I wanted to get a dog or cat and when our friend, Urian told us his cat was pregnant, there was our answer. They were born just a few days before Travis birthday so we decided to let them get strong and healthy by letting them stay with their mom until they were just over six weeks old. The mother cat had five kittens and we originally decided to just take home one. The black colored kitten was our choice as it was the only different looking one from the pack. However, when Urian finally brought us our kitten, he came with two. It was hard for us to say no the the other kitten, he was just too cute. We also knew that it would be better for them to have each other especially when we aren't at home, so at least they would have a play mate. Our new additions are called, Chilli (the orangy colored one) and Pimenta (the black one). It has been great having them around, they are lots of fun and so crazy. Pimenta sometimes acts like a monkey, hanging on our hammock and jumping from thing to thing Chilli is like all big brothers and beats up Pimenta(of course in a playful way), he is growing up so fast. It has also been good for us to have cats as a preparation for children, it's amazing how the cats have shown us what is not kid friendly around our house since they get into everything. It's been fun having kittens and our whole team has enjoyed them too, especially the kids who love to carry them around our house. We officially have team mascots, our kittens.


Heather A said...

Those kittens are SOOOO cute!! My roommate and I got kittens over Thanksgiving. Her aunt was giving some away. We took home two, but we eventually had to give one back because two was just too much to handle, although it was good for them to have each other to play with. Anyway, we kept the Siamese cat, and I named her Neve. She's sitting on my lap as I type this now. Can't wait to see your kittens next time I visit!

Jessica said...

Okay, so like...I know that this is totally OLD news now (sorry, it's been a while since I checked your blog) but those kittens are sooooo darned cute. And I'm jealous. I want a cat so badly...but the closest we have to it are these alley cats that sit outside (somewhere, we have yet to find them) and howl all day long.

Anyway...make sure to post new pictures as your "babies" grow up.
Love you guys!