Monday, September 12, 2005

Travis’ Birthday 2005

Travis' Guitar
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Like so many other North Americans my tendency as I grow older (32) is to become more of a pragmatist. Just tell me what needs to be done, and that is what I will focus on and judge my success as a human being with. Pragmatists tend to focus so much on task that rightly or wrongly they are accused of not having enough fun. I noticed that I was starting to act this way especially when it came to free time. Reading is good but it tends to be intensely individual. I have for some time now had a few Christian friends and mentors who have without an apparent reason expressed to me a need for a hobby. Well I am happy to announce that as of my birthday 2005, due to the behind the scenes work of my wife who planned this for months behind my back, and the generosity of my family on both sides, I Officially Have A Hobby, A Guitar. Yes, Travis who can’t read a note, nor ever played an instrument (I somehow got out of playing the recorder in grade 2) is the proud owner of a guitar. I have tried playing some of my friends guitars over the last couple of years (both Joel R. and Malcolm McMillan tried showing me some notes in seminary in Abilene), but now I have my own. Everyone should be deeply relieved as I plan to self-actualize my heart out with this incredible instrument all to the glory of God. Special thanks to my sister who just happens to be teaching grade 9 music students in a Regina High School, on what to look for in a guitar. Man I wish she were here to teach me. I hope to take lessons from I guy I met who loves all North American classic rock (my dad will be proud) and hope to enter into some conversations with him about life with God. Hopefully I will be playing like Bob Dylan within six months. Thanks again to my family for thinking of me and my need to self-actualize. Here’s to becoming a more actual person, whatever that is supposed to mean.


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Heather A said...

I don't know what the other comment is about, but as a blog administrator, you can delete it if you want.

Anyway, congrats, Travis, on the new hobby!! I can't wait to hear you play the next time I visit. And I laughed hysterically when I saw the birthday salad the team made for you on someone else's blog!!

Be blessed today!