Monday, July 25, 2005

Three Girls and a Monkey

Three Girls and a Monkey
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Our team had the opportunity to help a small Church on the outskirts of town in a Barro called Itinga. We bought all the materials needed to help paint the inside and outside of their building. This church was planted about 30 years ago and has slowly diminished in size over the years. However, the surrounding churches have recently started helping this small church get back on it's feet. They have had many men go to teach classes and preach, including Travis who has gone at the end of each month to preach. The boost of energy from the other churches has revived this little congregation, they have a new preacher named Urian who has been a blessing for that church. Travis also spends every Wednesday with Urian to help him learn more about the Bible and study and encourage him. During our time of painting their building, Urian was approached by people on the streets about what was taking place and they have been encouraged as their have been multiple visitors since we painted their building. Please be praying as this congregation reaches out again to their neighbors and their community. Also during our painting we had the opportunity to visit a neighbor that lived above the church who has a monkey for a pet. His name was Caco. This is the first monkey that Alicia has seen since arriving in Brazil and she even got to hold it. You can hear it chattering in the background every sunday, it is quite a cute monkey and full of energy. Our time in Itinga was great, to share time with the people in Itinga, to encourage them and show the love of Christ through the simple act of painting. Please pray for this little church and for their preacher, Urian as he does not get much compensation for his work. Please be praying for Travis as he meets with him to encourage and teach him.

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