Monday, May 23, 2005

Two Month Report

It is hard for me to believe that we have already been here 2 months. I remember clearly getting off the plane and being taken to our hotel and being reunited with our team. Things are going good here, better than I ever could have expected. It is good to be back in Latin America. I am glad that I did AIM before I came back here because that experience gives me so much insight into what are team is experiencing here. I am also thankful for my theological and missiological training at ACU, which is especially helpful for understanding the culture better here.
It is also a blessing to be able to communicate in Portuguese after such a short time on the field. Alicia is making good progress too. She is a natural here and doing really good. Our apartment is now fully functional except for couches. For now we are using our air bed as a couch in the living room. Our move down fund went a long way to furnishing our place.
We are starting to meet some people, which is really good. Our Portuguese teacher is really open to studying the Bible so Val, Mary and I give a lesson once a week in class, which serves as good practice for our work later. I’m going through the Old Testament, Mary a gospel, and Val a NT letter, so we have the Bible covered. Our teacher has also invited us to go to meet a group of teenagers that she is working with on the weekends to teach them about God. So God is already opening doors for us to share. Alicia and I have also been invited to teach English at a school downtown, which gives us more contacts.
I feel a lot better about getting around this big city as we are getting to know the bus routes better and all of the neighborhoods which is important for getting around on public transportation. I have even been to a couple of professional soccer games here, which is an easy way to build relationships with other guys.
I am also spending lots of time with the team. At times it feels like I am the one in the middle of differences of opinion because people are starting to notice each others differences more. Overall or team is very united, which will be important as people are starting to go through culture shock.
I really am thankful to God for the first two months He has given us here and am looking forward to further growth in my relationship with Him, and in the people that He will bring into our lives with open hearts to hear the Gospel. All praise to our loving faithful Father.


SM said...

Hey, good to hear from you guys! Keep the reports coming!

SM said...

Hey... I'm not finished the formatting yet, but I've got to hit the exercise room before it closes for the day. Then we have our psycho analysis test debriefing at 1, but after that I'll finish formatting your blog pretty quick. I'm fixing your profile so it's about both you guys and has a picture.

Also, if you'd like me to include mission links (, or, or whatever else you want) just let me know!


SM said...

OK, I'm finished messing with your blog. If you'd like me to add any links (like to friends or family or missions stuff), or remove any, then just e-mail me. Clicking on your picture will take people to your profile. I didn't mess with your actual profile... much. I can change anything I did that you don't like. Anyway, hope you like it!

SM said...

hung out with Nelson Pangburn for an afternoon just talking mostly. He talked about how much they miss you guys and care about you guys. Thought you'd like to know that you're still in a lot of hearts and prayers up here.