Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Beach

Beach 2
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May 14, 2005 One of the best attractions for me to move to Salvador was the prospect of living in a city in the sub-tropics with literally miles of beaches to enjoy. Much to my surprise I have been to the beach twice since I have moved here, not exactly what I had envisioned before I came. One of the reasons is that because the city has some many miles of beach it is near to impossible to keep them all clean. No matter how much the city tries to keep the city clean to keep up its image as a great place for tourism, there is still a lot of people who out of ignorance litter. The other reality is the rains that come and wash out all of the garbage from the centre of the city out into the ocean. Unfortunately, we happen to live near the mouth of this river that spills out into the ocean. So we have to go to other parts of the city to find clean beaches. These parts of the city that have the clean beaches are also lined with people who make their living from a hut and offer shade, chairs, and food to those who go there. Our team went to one as one of our weekly family fun activities. We also learned the hard way that these owners will take advantage of foreigners, as each family was charged a lot more than Brazilians would be for the same services. Soon enough we will learn more of the regular prices of things and avoid paying “gringo prices” for things. But the water is so amazingly warm and it is always fun to play with the kids who are not so sure of the water. The power of the waves always remind me of the power of God. The creation really is amazing when I think of how much water there is in the ocean and that it follows it regular patterns without coming up on land. Hopefully, we will take out some time during these busy weeks to get out and enjoy God’s creation.

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