Monday, April 18, 2005

Preaching in Portuguese

Today I felt tired from preaching last night for 40 minutes for the first time in Portuguese. But Alicia and I got up and finished putting together furniture. I am so glad that she finds it a challenge to follow those instruction booklets and put it together. All I have to do is translate and be the extra set of hands. We now have a stand to hold out microwave and water, and therefore counter space. We also have a dinner table and 6 chairs. Wow we can sit in our apartment for the first time. We have a computer table and one of the chairs acts as our computer chair. We have bedside tables for lamps and of course to put water for when you wake up in the middle of the night parched. And of course we are enjoying a bed although I kind of miss the air mattress, but I don’t miss being 3 inches off the ground when I wake up. Next up is to finish connecting the lighting so that we don’t have to carry around a lamp to the different parts of the house that we want to work in after 5:30 pm. Have I said that Bahia really needs to consider daily savings, the sun is shining bright at 5:30 am and by 6:00 pm it is pitch black. So as we do not have curtains yet we often are woken up early. But it is such a blessing to have furniture. This is something else I have taken for granted. In the afternoon we babysat Kelton as the Porter’s wanted to see Miss Congeniality 2. It was fun playing with Kelton and I also checked up on my email. A new Pope is being chosen. It has been interesting following that process for the first time in my adult life. In the evening the guys got together and played risk at Russ and Val’s. We also had some good discussions about the future direction of our work now that people have actually spent some time here in Latin America and our starting to get a glimpse into the culture. They also gave me agenda items for the team meeting that I will chair for the first time. Thank- you Lord for helping us feel more comfortable in our new home, you truly do provide for all our needs.

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