Thursday, April 28, 2005

Portugues Perfection

Today we started Portuguese class. We are in three different groups depending on the level that we are at. Back to formal classes, and 3 hours a day. We start at 8 which is good because then we have the rest of the day to get stuff done. I feel like a sponge in class. We do not need to study grammar, so we are jumping write into vocabulary and expression acquisition. This is exactly what I need now. So class looks like it will be good. I am also looking forward to being that much more prepared to be able to speak to people’s hearts with the Gospel without having the language be any kind of barrier. It is also great to start to have a daily routine again. I am definitely more productive overall when I have this. Wednesday is also cheap movie day in the city so we went with Russ and Val and Matt and Mary. It was our first time to a Brazilian movie theatre and I was surprised at how modern it was. We saw “a familia do noivo” (Who’s coming to Dinner, starring Bernie Mac). Some classic meet the parents scenes. Bernie’s best line is at the train station when he says we each create our own destiny in life regardless of what our parents did in the past (his dad left him when he was 2). Some good theology really, which is surprising coming out of Hollywood. We really do have one life and we can do whatever we want with it. Did God really give humans that much free will? What am I doing with the opportunity God has given me in life? I pray that I am living a Spirit filled life that gives God glory and makes the most of the opportunity to partner with Him in the way He wants me to live. It makes we wonder how I can share with the millions here that there life could be so much more rewarding if they were living for their Creator in the way He meant for them to live. This thought really reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Chris Rice “Life Means So Much” on the Smell the Color 9 CD when he says to God- teach us to make the days count, lead us in better ways, somehow our souls forgot, life means so much .

Randy and Jenn also invited us over for lunch and they made stir fry Brazilian style. It was good considering you can’t find the same flavourings that you can back home. Then tonight we saw Keith and Stacy and the kids out at the store when we were buying groceries. So we saw everyone on the team today at some point which is great. The days seem to go bye so quickly as we ate supper again at almost 10.

Thank-you Lord for such a great day.

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